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About Amillion Ways

Born and raised in San Francisco California the two brothers, Bo Blitz and Young Looch developed a passion for hip-hop music at a very young age. Having to deal with the struggles and hardship of low income housing was difficult, but definitely not unique. Living in a violent, poverty stricken community was their daily reality. The brothers needed to find other positive outlets aside from sports and schooling. For Blitz and Looch, writing scribbled punch lines on loose leaf binder paper and freestyle rapping over popular beats quickly became a powerful and effective form of expression. With growing confidence in their music ability, the brothers began to focus their efforts on completing full verses, which turned into full songs, ultimately leading to the completion of a full album. Blitz and Looch would then team up with two close friends and release two underground albums under the alias, “The Mic Monsters.”  Local success and positive feedback among peers only fueled the brothers desire to continue making music. In 2011, Amillion Ways traveled to Atlanta for BET’s annual Hip Hop Awards Show.  While there, they were blue carpet guests for company promotions such as Monster Cable Headphones and Don Diva Magazine.

With a strong foundation being set networking, Amillion Ways gets back to work in the studio.  Bo Blitz, producer/songwriter/artist is ready to release the next heat wave of hot tracks to catapult them to the top as everyone’s favorite hip hop artist.

The undying hunger for success and love for music are driving forces for Bo Blitz, but not the only one he has. He also has a strong passion for health and fitness. Bringing awareness to health and quality of life has been a great start to making a positive impact on their community. Personal training for elite high school, college, and professional athletes while educating the public on the importance of taking the best care of your body, has always been held in high regards.

Dedicating time and hard work to pursue his goal of becoming the most well known name in hip hop, Amillion Ways is reaching new heights on the way to stardom.


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